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Iterative Improvement. Or Not.
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I grew up near Kansas City, in a rural area that's now pure suburbia. My first job was selling newspaper subscriptions door to door for the Olathe Daily News. In highschool, I went to work for Johnson County, Kansas government, and was ultimately responsible for land records software.
Land Records software took me into Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and to the Baltimore-Washington region. I founded a hosting company that morphed into an early VoIP carrier, named a top service provider in 2005, along with companies such as Level3 and MCI. This lead to the acquisition of a CLEC, and eventually connected me to the Shoutpoint team. Shoutpoint is a large scale telephony applications developer and carrier.
The minds and technical stack behind Shoutpoint ultimately built the Voxology CPaaS. Voxology, Shoutpoint, and Voxology Carrier Services now form Voxology Group.
The Voxology team has built a deliberate culture around its team of highly skilled employees.
These days, I live in Chicago with my wife, son, and cats.


Telecom (primarily VoIP) has a big part of my life for much of the last 20 years. Give me another 20, and perhaps I'll be an expert.


In recent years, I'm hands-on less than 25%. :-( But I do spend some time in go, perl, and puppet. (And I deep-dive into SIP from time to time).


I'm currently responsible for administrative and technical operations of the Voxology Group, where I serve as President of Voxology Carrier Services.
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